Void DarkRP Grand Re-Opening! 12/7/2018

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Void DarkRP Grand Re-Opening! 12/7/2018


After months of planning, coding, and a few weeks of testing, Void DarkRP is officially out of Rehaul mode and is now re-opened, but this time changes are quite impactful.

The Void DarkRP you know and... well got really bored of, is no more. We've scrapped that entire plan and went another direction, a more grown-up direction, rather than a playground direction full on non-sense.

The changes that have been made, are changes made by the community, rather than just one person. These were ideas given by other players and staff of Void DarkRP, all of this was worked on together, nothing was kept a secret. Now here we are.

Below are all the possible changes by memory, as there was a LOT of them, it's very likely I've missed a few.

I'll be comparing stuff from the past version of Void DarkRP to this one.

Here's our workshop collection link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=408253634


So let's get to the changelog:













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We now have Cars!

We're on a new map, rp_florida_v2.

We have Hidden Cameras.

We have a new DJ system.

We have a new Hitman system.

We have a new Tow Truck system.

We have the ability to Jail Break.

We have a Judge system.

We have a new way of switching jobs (speaking to NPCs).

We have a Mayor voting system.

We have a Mayor Control Panel.

We have Hunger Mod.

We have Crappy Food!

We have Fast Food.

We have Chess and Checkers.

We have a Fire System.

We have an RPG System.

We have a new Inventory system.

Dubstep Assassin has a new Song.

We have FA:S weapons.

We have an Ammo Vendor that sells jack shit amount for a bit higher price than the actual Weapons Store Owner.

We have a hidden bail NPC for jail escapees.

We have an Illegal Items Buyer, where you can sell stolen stuff if you're on the appropriate Job.

We have a New but somewhat Old Vault (We had it before, then I removed it).

We have new printers.

We have a 'services' system where you can call certain jobs to your location.

We have a Taxi Driver system.

We have a Ticket Book system.

We have an Undercover System.

We have VCMod.

We have a Vehicle Radio.

We have a Vehicle Buying System.

We have a new Mining system.

We have a new Hud System (until Taco can update his to support Hunger mod).

We have a Map System.

We have a Discord Wall Widget thing now.

We have a properties system.

Police Units have Spike Strips and speed meters.

We have Job tests only on certain jobs that must have them, they're very easy to pass.


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Modern Weapons Dealer is now Weapon Store Owner.
Fast Food Employee.
Taxi Driver.

Undercover Agent.
Fire Fighter.
Tow Truck Driver.

Police Trainee.
Police K9.
Police Detective.

Swat Trainee

Yakuza Mafia Member.
La Eme Mafia Member.
Rossiyskaya Mafia Member.

Yakuza Mafia Don.
La Eme Mafia Don.
Rossiyskaya Mafia Don.

Hitman is now Contract Killer.
Marijuana Producer.
Methamphetamine Cook.
Drug Runner.
Runner became Vandal.

Isis Member.
Isis Explosive Expert.
Isis Leader.

Professional Vandal.


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Removed Bitminers.

Removed Old Mayor System.

Removed Old Bank System.

Removed Business System.

Removed Forcefield.

Removed M9K.

Removed Fading Doors.

Removed Old Scoreboard.

Removed Hit Numbers.

Removed Old Inventory System.

Removed Everything in Crafting Bench.

Removed Looting objects.

Removed Pointshop Tongue.

Removed Old DJ system.

Removed rp_downtown_tits

Removed Old Mining System.

Removed Sit anywhere.

Removed Smartsnap.

Removed Lightsabers.

Removed Taco Hud.

Removed Taco Protection.

Removed Old Printers.

Removed Underhell weapons.

Removed Cinema System.

Removed Vape SWEP.

Removed Old Hitman system.

Removed F1 menu.

Removed Character interactions.

Removed Guitar SWEP (for now).

Removed Grapple Hook.

Removed Old Ammo Dispensers.

Removed all Keypad Crackers.

Removed the ability to BHop with Parkourmod.


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Homeless King.
Luke Skywalker.


Removed Mafia Member.
Removed The Don.

Drug Manufacturer.
Professional Hacker.
Subject 617.
Duke Nukem.
Darth Vader.

Pingu's Lost Brother.

Advanced Predator.
Predator Leader.

Xenomorph Soldier.
Xenomorph Lurker.
Xenomorph Boiler.
Xenomorph Leader.

Demon Queen.

Rocket Raccoon.
Grim Reaper (may re-add later on if highly requested).
Trevor Philips.
Corvo Attano.
Ghost Rider.
Lady Deadpool.
Sly Cooper.
One-Punch Man.
NCR Elite Ranger.



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The MOTD now contains VERY important information for new and old players.

Made Fall Damage very deadly.

Renamed Bigby to Werewolf.

Replaced MOST models on MOST jobs.

Renamed Cripz Gangster/Bloodz Gangster to Cripz Member/Bloodz Member.

Renamed Cripz Boss/Bloodz Boss to Cripz Leader/Bloodz Leader.

Merged Hacker stuff with Thief.

Moved Dogmeats model to just Dog.

Changed some small rules here and there to be more fitting to our new server.

Tweaked Level-up system.

Made lots of stuff give XP.

Nerfed Fist damage greatly.

Made earning Money a bit of a struggle, but if you're rich, you DESERVE to be rich. You will have to grind an earn your way to the top, but it'll be rewarding.

Adjusted Prices for everything.

We have a new Trial-Operator Application system, it involves being interviewed by a Higher Staff now!

Dogs can restrain now, but not very well, meanwhile K9 are way more effective.

Tweaked the AFK system, made it so it doesn't turn your screen black, nor 'kill' you, so you can still play chess and such, however it does freeze you in place, and god-modes you. BUT you cannot be pickpocketed or arrested.

Made it so the Dubstep Gun Selector works for Void songs.

Made it so you can't pickpocket Frozen or Godded players.

Made it so you can't handcuff AFK Frozen of Godded players.

Renamed AFK Mode to AFK/Safe Mode.

Made Dog have two playermodels, Dogmeat and Doge.

Optimized Dubstep Assassin's Guns a bit.


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